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Communications between Registered Alumni


Alumni Communications

Communicating between Alumni is safe and secure at all times. No email addresses are ever displayed nor given out to anyone. It is up to the individual Alumni to give out their email address if at all.

A spam control key needs to be entered prior to sending a message to further reduce the potential of email spamming.

Sample Email Message an Alumni Receives

Email messages sent between Alumni or between Alumni & Faculty are sent without the person sending it receiving the email address. The Alumni or Faculty receiving the the email message has the option of responding or not. No notification is sent indicating that it has been received.



Alumni Manager is ideal for:
  • Public High Schools
  • Private High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Alumni Associations
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Unions
  • Private Clubs
  • Public Clubs
  • Camps
  • Sports Teams
  • Any organization that wants to provide a long term home to their current and former members.

Alumni Sites currently using the Alumni Manager

GCA- Alumni

Hingham High School  Alumni







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