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The Alumni Manager Class Listing


Not Logged In

The Alumni Listing page for your Alumni site protects your Alumni's information at all times. If a visitor to your Alumni site is not registered and logged in they can only view a very limited amount of information.

The screen shot to the right shows you what a non-logged in user can see:

  • Class Year
  • First Name
  • State
  • Country

The Most Recent Alumni list in the left hand column will only show the Class Year & First Name.

Logged In

Once an Alumni has registered, been approved by the administrator and has logged in they will be able to see and search the following:

  • Class Year
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Maiden Name
  • City
  • State
  • Country

A logged in Alumni will also be able to view any photos uploaded by other alumni to their profiles.

Viewing Alumni Profiles

Simply clicking on an Alumni's name in the Alumni Class List will zoom you into that Alumni's profile. Alumni, within their account settings page can determine what information they wish to display. If an Alumni has chooses not to display any personal information such as:

  • Children's Names
  • Instant Messaging User Names

Then all that is displayed is their Class Year - Name - City - State - Country & Message to other Alumni


Alumni Manager is ideal for:
  • Public High Schools
  • Private High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Alumni Associations
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Unions
  • Private Clubs
  • Public Clubs
  • Camps
  • Sports Teams
  • Any organization that wants to provide a long term home to their current and former members.

Alumni Sites currently using the Alumni Manager

GCA- Alumni

Hingham High School  Alumni







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