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Alumni Manager Overview

The Alumni Manager, how it functions,the features it provides are categorized by five main areas.

  1. Alumni Web page creator and content management system
  2. Alumni & Faculty Registration and Communications
  3. Alumni Message center
  4. Alumni Photo Gallery
  5. Alumni Website administration
  6. NEW - Membership Fee option or Donation Requests

The main Alumni website display areas are displayed by Class year, the exception being the Faculty area which is displayed by department. Navigation within your Alumni site is intuitive and simple for all users to follow.

The Alumni Manager provides a high level of Alumni Registration information security by never displaying any personal information yet allows for direct communication between Alumni and Alumni & Faculty. Alumni website administrators have full control over all registrations, photo's and messages posted to the site at all times.


Alumni & Faculty Area


The Home section is the glue that pulls all the areas
of your Alumni Site together.

The Alumni Home area displays at a quick glance:

  • Welcome Message
  • Random Images from the Alumni Photo Gallery
  • Most Recent Alumni Registrations
  • Most Recent Alumni Message
Alumni Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

The Alumni Manager Photo Gallery has over 50 years
of Alumni Albums already set up for you and you can add
as many Categories or Albums as you need at anytime.

The Alumni Photo Gallery will most likely be your most visited
area of your Alumni website. 

We have added some pretty stunning features to the Alumni
Photo Gallery:

  • Scrolling Random Alumni images across the top of your Gallery
  • Image Slider across the bottom of your Alumni Gallery
  • Ajax based Pop-up image viewer - for fast viewing
  • Admin receives an auto email notice when an image has
    been uploaded and need to be approved
  • All images uploaded need the admin's approval to be included
    within the Alumni Photo Gallery
Alumni Message Center

Message Center

The Alumni Manager Message Center is your Alumni Sites main area of communications between you as the administrator and the registered Alumni.
(Please see the Admin Screenshot page)

A powerful Newsletter creator that is built-in allows you to send newsletters out to all or individual classes. 

The Alumni Message Center is mainly used by Alumni to openly plan reunions, search for lost classmates and the posting of more publicly related messages.


If you're tired of trying to use or with all the fees and don't like the openness of a facebook or a myspace type of environment. Then the Alumni Manager is what you should be using.

The Alumni Manager has everything needed in order to run and maintain your own Alumni Web Site. 

It provides everything you need to register former classmates & faculty and allow them to communicate with each other securely and safely.





Alumni Manager is ideal for:
  • Public High Schools
  • Private High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Alumni Associations
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Unions
  • Private Clubs
  • Public Clubs
  • Camps
  • Sports Teams
  • Any organization that wants to provide a long term home to their current and former members.

Alumni Sites currently using the Alumni Manager

GCA- Alumni

Hingham High School  Alumni







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