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Alumni Manager Overview
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Alumni Manager Administrative Settings

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Main Alumni Manager Site Settings

The main Alumni Manager Administrative settings area allows you to control the look of your site and to customise it to your alumni association needs.

Upload custom header & footer graphics that you can change at anytime.

The main Alumni Manager Administrative settings area also provides the tools to input search engine related key search words and phrases so your Alumni can find your site on the Internet ( this is not a guarantee just the basic requirements that will help with search engine optimization)

Within the D-Web on-line page editor you can also control over 85 other color and background settings of your Alumni sites page layout.

Customize the look of your Alumni Message Center & Photo Gallery

The Alumni Manager gives you the ability to set custom header graphics for your Alumni Message Center and Photo Gallery.

Include Local News & Sports links.
Pre-Set the Donation Levels

The Alumni Manager gives you the tools you need to manage a free on-line Alumni Website.

Unlike or that charges alumni to be in contact. The Alumni Manager give you the option of accepting donations to help support your site.

You do have the added ability to accept ads for your site and the On-line Web page editor (D-Web) that comes with the alumni manager gives you the ability to place those types of ads where you want at anytime.

Alumni Manager Admin Settings
Manage your Alumni List

Manage your alumni list quickly, see who has logged in and when. Provides the ability to approve or reject any new alumni registrations prior to public listing of alumni registration.

Alumni list is sorted by class year and the ability to ban individuals users from your Alumni message board area based on their IP address.

Alumni Communications

Send Alumni Newsletters & Alumni Announcements to all alumni at once or just specific Alumni groups.

This is a great feature to help with Alumni Reunion planning.

You can also include additional alumni or friends on the fly.

Alumni Photo Gallery Administrative Controls

Alumni can upload up to 10 Files at a time.

Administrator has the ability to change how many files a Alumni can upload at one time.

Photos are uploaded to a pre-approval section and the administrator receives an email notifying them that an Alumni has uploaded a photo that needs their approval prior to going into the alumni Photo Gallery.

Administrator selects the Alumni Album to place it and can add comments if desired at this time as well.

Administrative Batch uploading

Administrator can batch upload multiple files and place each in the correct album


Alumni Manager is ideal for:
  • Public High Schools
  • Private High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Alumni Associations
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Unions
  • Private Clubs
  • Public Clubs
  • Camps
  • Sports Teams
  • Any organization that wants to provide a long term home to their current and former members.

Alumni Sites currently using the Alumni Manager

GCA- Alumni

Hingham High School  Alumni







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